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Brandi Moore
New York, NY
Brandi Moore is the founder of IndiaThink. For more visit
Interests: Brandi developed IndiaThink’s frameworks while working inside high tech teams at Fortune 100 companies as well as small boutique computer security firms. She has worked in product and services companies in product development, program management, policy and business development. Her expertise in Computer Security, enhanced by her Masters of Forensic Science, allowed her to be on the forefront of managing high-risk organizational problems based in India that companies needed to be urgently solved due to a high risk of financial and data loss. Brandi Moore has been solving challenging business problems in India since 2004. She has worked in India with Wipro, Infosys and other top outsourcers building processes to span learning gaps between Indian concepts and Western business models. She has extensive experience developing methodologies for US executives managing Indian employees, leading India-based projects and negotiating with Indian executives.