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Deborah Brandon
See me for who I am: a brain injury survivor, a mother, a fiber artist, dragon boater, triker, writer, teacher, and much much more. Site contents copyright © Deborah Brandon.
Interests: Mathematics, weaving, knitting, spinning, writing, dragon boating, and triking.
Recent Activity
Way back when, a friend told that one day, the bloody brain will be a mere blip on the screen. It is now five and a half years since the surgeries, it still isn't a mere blip on the screen. Given that neurological deficits incurred by the surgeries and the remaining angiomas continue to affect my daily life, I doubt that the bloody brain will ever be reduced to a blip anywhere. On the other hand, it is no longer central to my life. Also, given that the bloody brain has affected my short term memory... I had an excruciating headache last week that lasted several days? Really? I had a bad brain day? When? Life is good.
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Nothing you do is completely selfless (or almost nothing), but as long as you try to help and/or understand... With pity there is no effort involved, there is no attempt and no real interest to move beyond your personal bubble.
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It wasn't cancer, just perimenopause.
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Oct 25, 2011