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Steve Brant
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Jun 24, 2011
This would have been a more complete essay if - instead of saying "...several luminaries acting in discontent with traditional systems thinking.." - you had specifically referenced the pioneering work in the Social Systems Sciences of Dr. Russell L. Ackoff of The Wharton School, who - prior to his death in 2009 - was considered by many (including Peter Senge) to be the dean of America's systems thinking community. For more information...
How can anything invented by Man be above the laws conceived by Man? The concept of the corporation was not invented so as to permit people to engage in criminal behavior without being liable for that behavior. All such criminal behavior is an aberration. Abnormal behavior must be stopped. It cannot be allowed to become the norm, unless we want the foundations of society to crumble!
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Mar 28, 2011