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> So we have unelected bureaucrats at the FCC deciding unanimously that it can regulate one of the most important innovations in the history of humanity. Speaking of unelected officials, I don't remember ever electing the CEO of AT&T or the CEO of Verizon. Why don't we just elect them out with our wallets, right. Since they operate in industries with little competition and high barriers to entry, it's virtually impossible to do so. They are entitled to make a profit, but given the critical nature of their assets, they should be forced to make a profit in the most equitable way possible. In this case, that means Net Neutrality. Furthermore, the real innovation is at the endpoints not the middle. If the internet didn't start out as neutral there would be no Google, no YouTube, no Facebook, no Twitter. None of us would be here today commenting on Jeff's post, either. None of those startups would have had enough money to pay the packet premium charged by the providers.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2011 on The Importance of Net Neutrality at Coding Horror
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Feb 15, 2011