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Can I just say you are genuinely adorable? Thanks for the warm fuzzy and smile!
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2012 on A few pictures from GenCon at WWdN: In Exile
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I _love_ board games...and card games...and dice games...and medieval games...and... Yeah, I suspect I'll be hooked. My friends and I used to play this game called "The Great Dalmuti" (I think). There were hats involved. ;-)
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2012 on This is my new show, Tabletop at WWdN: In Exile
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No need to buy. I'll loan you a 4-lb sledge. Finding a target might be challenging though. It is not Ben Franklin, but G.V. Hudson, and was permanently adopted by Lyndon Johnson in 1966. I'll sign your petition though. Just set one up on and let me know...
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Unfortunately, since I have the Motorola R2D2 Droid, I feel compelled to use the R2 sounds for my text alerts. But I do have the communicator and tricorder apps, and the PADD app on my iPad.
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You spoke on FB about not getting as much feedback here... I just wanted to let you know perhaps why (from one POV, of course). I talk at you on Twitter (not with you; I recognize the difference). It's quick and easy, and I enjoy sharing the occasional thought. Your FB has too many responses for my taste. But here, seems more personal. So I don't intrude on your stream of thought. But I DO read your entries. Maybe not always the same day you wrte them (I do have my own blog to keep up with, after all), but every day or so, I come to see what's up in Wil Wheaton World, and enjoy sharing your day's successes (or commisserate in your frustrations). Thanks for writing. It's enjoyed, and it matters. ;-)
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Feb 28, 2012