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I tend to agree with your argument pertaining to generic concepts of O'Connor's (any writer's for that matter) style as it presents itself through prose. Though, I think you may have read to deeply into David E. Anderson's use of the word 'style'. Just as you argue, "A writer should be judged by what her work does attempt, not by what it doesn't", the excerpt of Anderson's work is decidedly disinterested in matters of aesthetic and should not be criticized for the exclusion of such. This obvious flaw in your position is not enough to draw me from my general apathy felt toward such literary blogs, but your portrayal of "southern blacks" as incapable of experiencing higher order philosophical notions is. Whether intentional, or not, you quite clearly dismiss victims of "mundane bigotry" as lesser in some way to victims of "theological/philosophical" nihilism. More so, your assignation of race to each the lesser and the higher notion establishes a very clear bigoted social construct suggesting African-American's of the era were inherently inferior. I believe an edit is in order. My strongest criticism of Anderson is that his misuse of the single word 'style' has spawned such inane blather.
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Dec 3, 2009