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Wow. I read this article yesterday, and I was shocked. I decided to try a Perl implementation of this, assuming all integers greater than 0 and less than 101 to be the "numbers". Keep in mind that I don't have any formal/institutional programming knowledge/experience; all that I know about programming I have found on my own (or, occasionally, asked on a forum). So, using "vi", which I am still quite new to (and struggling with), I managed to get a working Perl implementation, along with some added formatting (commas, spaces, and newlines). Also, it tells the user when it is finished. Finally, I left room for easier modification, if it would need to be expanded. There are also some comments where I had lines I was using for testing/debugging. Now, here it is: Of course, this is not "good" code, but it does work. I doubt it would allow for a successful interview, but nonetheless, it is really scary how easy it was for me to get a working implementation, since people that should know far more than me, apparently can't make it happen.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2010 on The Non-Programming Programmer at Coding Horror
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Apr 15, 2010