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Chance Myers
The key to this article is that KC has to get past Philly.. the team who just beat KC 4-0 in Philly. the same team that just beat LA on the road. This will not be easy for Sporting. That being said, KC will be better in the CCL then Philly, so I would prefer them to win.
Congrats Rev's on the signing. His highlights look really solid and his age is great for the league. NE is pretty stacked now, I hate to admit it. Davy Arnaud needs to chill, he was complaining every call and non-call, it made the game almost impossible to watch. According to the replays, both PK calls looked accurate and the non-call in KC's box was a good no call. Congrats to the Ref for making those calls, sometimes it takes more balls to make the right calls.
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Jul 5, 2012