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Rhys Brett-Bowen
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I was looking up a way to select a random subset from a set (well I came up with a solution and I wanted to see if it had a name). KFY is the way to do random shuffles, but should it be used for selecting, say 3 random items from 50k by shuffling then selecting the first 3? no, it's overkill. I can see there is an algorithm earlier in the posts where you select a random number and if it's already picked then try again. Also I can see someone did this: function shuffle(arr) { return arr.sort(function () { return Math.sin(Math.random() * 360); }); } in javascript. This is wrong. If anyone is using a sorting method to get a "random sort" please stop. You get biases based on the implementation of the sort method. That function is the very definition of a naive algorithm! anyway I thought I'd put my algorithm here for people to see, it's hard to explain how it works without a white-board but does pick a random subset of a set. If you increase the subset to be the size of the original set then you end up with the whole set randomized so you can also use it for a shuffle: //num is size of subset //arr is an array of your set function pickRandom(num,arr){ var ret = []; var l = arr.length; for(var i=0;i=0;i--){ for(var n=i-1;n>=0;n--){ if(ret[i]>=ret[n]) ret[i]++; } ret[i] = arr[ret[i]]; } return ret; }
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2011 on The Danger of Naïveté at Coding Horror
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Aug 10, 2011