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Sorry, but Jeff got this right in his post. If you are a programmer then you already have lost perspective about what programming offers to a person who is not or will never really be a programmer. The best schools cannot teach this stuff to a very high percentage of people! Don't hack your friends (this little movement to turn friends into coders) unless they show a deeper interest and desire to understand problem solving through programming. It's somewhat of a dead end job anyway as we self cull our ranks and If we continue to do our jobs right won't we will eventually make ourselves obsolete anyway? The point isn't to make people better at adapting to machines, it's to make the machines adapt to the needs and desires of everyday people, to improve and enhance the human condition, not mire all humans (or even your geeky friends) in an extrapolation of logical instructions that will be outdated in a year, and all but forgotten in less than a decade (to eventually be a footnote in an intro to computers course). Latin, French, Mandarin Chinese, and even English are not likely to become just a historical footnote in less than many centuries so please stop comparing code to real languages. Code as a language has none of the mental, emotional, cultural or social benefits that learning a second language does (Mostly, only programmers are capable of missing the point and thinking it does).
Toggle Commented May 15, 2012 on Please Don't Learn to Code at Coding Horror
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May 15, 2012