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Thanks for your comments, Charles. Glad to hear you liked the posts and that they share a lot of parallels with your experience. To answer your question about comments, things changed significantly a year or two ago when I changed the rules to require everyone to sign in with a service like Facebook or Twitter. I was tired of there being anonymous comments that frequently were personally insulting or generally snarky. To be honest, I think I may have made a mistake in initiating this change, and I have considered switching back. It's nice not getting frustrated by brash anonymous comments, but I do miss the sense of conversation.
Allan, You're right: the NW Examiner was the first to break this story, and they deserve full credit. I did not realize they'd broken the story until reading your comment, so please understand I was certainly not trying to take credit. In fact, I couldn't care less about being first. I just care about spreading the word about the building.
Landon, thank you for your concern, but the photo was actually used with permission. I did crop the image myself. Feel free to email me at if this matter needs to be adjudicated further.
Brian, thanks for the petrochemical clarification. Quite Frankie, I respect your evenhanded take on this - it's true that Portland is not Detroit and the loss of this building can be balanced against the generally good preservation record here overall. But watch those apostrophes. ;)