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I definitely agree that VDI will win out long term. Eventually the technology will be so fast that it won't be worth it to deal with the idiosyncrasies of RDSH.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2012 on The VDI Delusion illusion* at By The Bell
Okay, I'll bite: You wrote "Users don’t want change, but they do want USB devices, dual monitors and multimedia. VDI’s close approximation to a physical desktop eases their concerns." False. When it comes to all three of those things, VDI is no better than RDSH. The limit is that your remoting the UI, not that it's a shared session. RDSH can handle USB now on a per-session basis, and to be honest they both suck with remoting. (Think of what happens when a user plugs in their 8GB USB stick via a remote protocol. yikes!) You wrote: "Users quickly come to appreciate ubiquitous desktop access without performance decrease caused by viruses or Windows rot" Again, this has nothing to do with RDSH versus VDI. If you have some kind of image or storage system to give the users a new image each time their connect, then you could do the same thing with a nightly reboot of an RDSH server. So I agree with your sentiment, but I don't believe that RDSH is any different than VDI for this. You wrote: "Even a power outage leaves their desktop sessions intact the next time they’re able to connect." The only way this is true is if you're persisting your disk images across reboots, which is directly the opposite of what you're advocating in the previous sentence. And if you're persisting via something like profile virtualization or whatever, then again, that works fine for RDSH. You wrote: "Pristine desktops are spun up on the fly and then vaporized when users log out – eliminating viruses, spyware and user installed software issues. A larger organization often has hundreds or thousands of apps used by only a few people, and a handful of apps used by everyone." If you're spinning up and vaporizing pristine desktops, then how are you dealing with the thousands of long tail apps? You're not installing them into every VM, since then you'd have thousands of unique images which would negate the Windows rot and AV stuff you wrote earlier. And if you're using app virtualization, well again, that works fine for RDSH too. Bottom line is that I agree there's a time for VDI and a time for RDSH. But really this is about managing Windows. RDSH isn't automatically better or worse, and VDI isn't better or worse. We should be focusing on the benefits of centralized desktops versus the benefits of local desktops, or the benefits of managed desktops versus the benefits of unmanaged. But both of those two things are not part of the RDSH versus VDI conversation.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2012 on The VDI Delusion illusion* at By The Bell
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May 15, 2012