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Brian Maggio
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Reisa asked a poignant question: "How do we reach consumers on a budget?" I wonder if we as an industry have been limiting our thinking to marketing to consumers who are ALREADY LOOKING FOR GAMES... The "GAME" budget in my house is pretty small (if it even exists). But the QUALITY TIME budget is much higher, and weighs in heavily when it comes to my decision making. Similarly, the ENTERTAINMENT budget, VACATION budget, and EDUCATIONAL budget for my kids all add up to a pretty penny. Hell, games could even be considered a necessary part of home decor in a rec room, den, etc. Have we done a good job as an industry in being part of the equation when it comes to these categories outside of our traditional channel? Are we linked hand-in-hand with the educational supply channel? With the home improvement channel? With the vacation industry? ("Once you get to your cabin in your RV, we have an assortment of great games you can buy!") Toys and games are such a critical, memorable part of our psyche across the spectrum of experience as we grow up. Yet when a product gets marketed, it's smack dab in the middle of a kids' show on the Disney Channel between the hours of 3-8 p.m. So let's not just market to a consumer looking for a game. Let's market to a parent / grandparent / friend looking for an experience. Wherever they may be.
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May 5, 2010