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Philly, PA
From Philly. Purveyor of memes and famous Internet cats.
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Hypothetically speaking this post was supposed to be delivered at the end of Orientation, but at that point I didn't really have much to say. Or rather, I had a lot to say, but my mind was unable to coalesce all the random thoughts into articulate words. Three months later, all the random thoughts are still floating around my head haphazardly, but I have so much free time during this winter break, I thought what the hell, let's try to reminisce. The easiest type of post to write is a list - so here's my top 10 takeaways from my first quarter at UCLA Anderson. 1. I really like LA. Having come from a lifetime of living in Philly, there was definitely a bit of a culture shock coming out here. Yes, the driving culture sucks and traffic is as bad as they say. And even the "walkable" areas of LA aren't really that walkable. But it's a fun city. There's a lot to do. It's a diverse city. And yeah, it does have great weather. I went a month and a half before we had our first rain. In between it was literally all sunny days. One thing to note, the mornings and nights do get chilly, so bring a jacket or hoodie. 2. Anderson's orientation was fantastic. It's a lot of bonding and icebreaking exercises, but I thought they did a great job of creating an open and inviting atmosphere where you really felt like you could approach... Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
yep, shoulda came to breckenridge! the great thing about cover letters and resume drops is that they can be done anywhere in the world
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A big part of the MBA experience involves networking, going to mixers, events, etc, etc, etc. And while all those are a necessary part of the entire experience, too many canned networking events is sort of like too much canned Spam - you can only down so much of it. But prior to orientation starting there's only so many opportunities for you to meet your classmates and the people around you. Thankfully, one of the more niftier ways has been on the b-ball court. For the past week, we've played ball basically every afternoon over at Westwood Park. Each game is competitive, but at the same time pretty casual. Light on the hard fouls, heavy on the bricklaying. For someone who hasn't played in years, it's quite a workout. But it's also a fun and great way to meet new people and get to know them without the pomp and circumstance of fumbling business cards and brushing up on your elevator speech. If you're interested in playing, check out the Anderson B-ball Facebook Group. -Brian Sim Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
Glad you made it safely! Driving in a big rig is definitely an experience I'm glad I missed out on. :-P
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lol, that's a euphemism for "godawful"
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My route went: Sunday: Delaware (my parents' place) to Pittsburgh, PA Monday: Pittsburgh to Columbia, MO Tuesday: Columbia, MO to Denver, CO Wednesday: Denver, CO to St. George, UT Thursday: St. George, UT (by way of Zion Canyon) to Los Angeles, CA My relationship with driving is sort of like Calvin's relationship with bicycles. Basically, I hate driving with every fiber of my body. And for the longest time I avoided it as much I could, which is actually very easy in Philly, because it's such a condensed, walkable city. Before driving to LA, the longest drive I'd done was for about 5 hours. To Pittsburgh actually. So driving cross-country, for me, was sort of akin to a sprinter just deciding to run a marathon on a whim. Well with that said, I'm happy to say I arrived in one piece, in a relatively drama-free, albeit grueling drive. Thoughts and picture spam follow... Random thoughts: Driving from the green hills east of the Mississippi to the dry, flatland plains in Kansas, through the majestic Rockies of Colorado and the stunning canyons and Mars-like topography of Utah and Arizona, to the soul-sucking deserts of Nevada and California, an obvious thought dawned on me - the US is effing humongous, and there may not be the same diversity of sights available in any other country in the world Driving in the midwest is a joy. Those guys know how to drive. They give signals when they're switching lanes. They don't cut you... Continue reading
Posted Aug 21, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
whoa, nice pic of Mono Lake! Love the shadows, it looks like another planet
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Over a year after first mapping out my plans, I'm now actually on my way to living them out. Driving cross-country in my 8-year old Honda Accord, with the 165,000 miles, for the next several days to kick-off my UCLA Anderson experience. It's been great getting a chance to see all my friends and family in Philly one last time over the past couple weeks. I feel sad, a bit wistful leaving all of them. Like I mentioned previously, this'll be my first time living away from Philly. But at the same time, you feel like you're in a bit of limbo. Not quite where you are and not quite where you should be. So I'm looking forward to finally getting this show on the road, settling in and meeting my classmates. Summer accounting homework has been fun and dandy, but uh, you know, we're just talking bout homework man. Homework. Not work, homework. It'll be good to get the game started. Now with that said, I just need to figure out how exactly I'll get there. What I'm going to see. Where I'm going to say. All the ghost towns in the midwest Random roadside oddities like the world's largest basket The flatlands and farms of Kansas (I heard it's so flat you can see cows 12 miles away!) Casa Bonita in Denver, because I hear it's totally awesome Natural wonders like Zion National Park or the Grand Canyon Or maybe I'll just decide that driving for 12 hours... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
My UCLA Anderson plans started a little more than a year ago when I made an informal visit to the campus. I started thinking about the west coast, because I wanted to get into product management in the high tech industry, and there were more of those types of opportunities available than there were in the east coast, and near Philly specifically. I knew Anderson provided some great programs and opportunities. So I thought, "hey, this should be a good idea". A year later, I still think it was a good idea, but you know what? It was also a crazy idea. If someone suggested that you uproot your life, move away from your family and friends, leave an interesting, well-paying job for two years - basically, leaving a good, comfortable, established life, for the promise of something different/better, what would you say? You gotta be a little bit of a gambler, a little bit of a dreamer, and a little crazy, right? But it's not just me, everyone else in the program hsa come to the same conclusion too. People choosing to uproot themselves from all over the country, even all over the world. Forsaking a couple prime earnings years, all to converge with others, who like them, are tied together by their willingness to take a risk and chase something different, something better. This time next week, I'll be starting my drive across the country and to start something new. It's a little risky, it's a little crazy.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 7, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
So originally, I was going to write a short post about my plans to drive cross-country from Philly to LA, but I've been so fascinated by the Airbnb "ransackgate" scandal, I figured I'd toss in my thoughts on it. In case you're not familiar, a little background, Airbnb is a startup that allows people to rent their houses out to others for short periods of time. Basically, it allows you to turn your house into a self-serve Bed and Breakfast. So while you're on vacation yourself, you can rent your house out to others and make a little cash on the side. Until recently, they'd been a very successful company raising over $100 million dollars, and reportedly having a $1B+ valuation. But if you had any qualms over their business model, it would probably start with, "I'm renting my home out to complete strangers? How do I know my place will be safe?" and then the follow up question would be "If my place gets ruined, what will I do?" Well, the worst possible scenario happened. A user named EJ reportedly rented her home for a week, whereupon it was systematically destroyed and robbed by one or more egregious robbers. But these kinds of things can happen - catastrophes, disasters. The character of a company depends on how they respond. The self-backpatting responses [here and here] from Airbnb claiming that the situation was under control were then systematically picked apart by the victim, in which she tells how the company... Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
Round 1 deadlines for a lot of MBA schools are just around the bend. Ok, maybe a slight exagerration, but the time flies by. You'd be surprised at how much time MBA apps take. Compared to the fairly breezy law and med school apps I've seen my friends go through, it's really no comparison. Most of the tier 1 schools have 1st round deadlines in early-mid October, so if you haven't been moving on it yet, now's the time to start. 1. Take your GMAT if you haven't already (obviously) Honestly, it's a little late in the game, but if you haven't taken the GMAT yet, you should still be able to squeeze it in in time for round 1. But if you haven't even begun preparing, you're probably better off waiting for round 2 or 3. 2. Figure our your list of schools, if you haven't already Figuring out the right list can be sort of a crapshoot. You're probably going to balance a lot of 2nd-hand and 3rd-party information to create that initial list. I would suggest keeping your list of schools manageable. One, because each app takes a lot of time. Two, because each app is costly. Most apps cost $200-250. I personally limited my list to 5 schools. As far as visiting the school, I've known people who've visited schools before to decide whether they wanted to apply. And others who've decided to visit after being accepted to help them decide whether they wanted to attend.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 24, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
Wow, too cool man. How'd you find all the time and money to visit all those places!? I'm totally jealous. :-P
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Yeah, feeling the same here. It's starting to sink in. Sort of feel like I'm in limbo or purgatory. Part of me is rueing saying goodbye to the people I know and the life I have and part of me just wants to get the ball rolling. I guess soon enough. :-)
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Blanton, Oswalt. We knew something was wrong with them. Why the team didn't show the same caution as they did with Utley back in spring training is mind boggling to me. Here's hoping little Roy just needs some rest. As a Phillies fan I want him back, but as a baseball fan, I don't want to see him go out like this.
This was Schneider's first game back from an injury. He's played only 8 games this season. I'm not worried about him yet. He just hasn't played enough. I don't think losing Marson and D'Arnaud is a very big deal. D'Arnaud is at least 2-3 years away from even contributing as a backup in the big leagues. And Marson has been even worse than Schneider considering how many games he's played so far.
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