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If you want to save some time and effort sanitizing, I've seen some people run their bottles through the dishwasher, putting the starsan (or whatever sanitizer you use) where the soap normally goes.
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1.022 might mean your brew is a little too starchy. If you don't have any off-flavors, I'd leave it alone. BUT there is also a product called Amalyse Enzyme. This will break down the starches into sugars and will allow your yeast to ferment it completely. I had a batch stuck at 1.034 and the Enzyme got it down to 1.015 or so. Again, 1.022 isn't terrible. Not ideal, but not a game-changer, either. If it tastes okay at the end, I wouldn't do anything to it. The fewer additives you have to put in the better. Also, even after you bottle the process doesn't stop. If you're not filtering you'll still have yeast in the beer and it will carbonate and change the flavor over time. The "mouth full of hops" flavor will probably mellow out and it will become more complex the longer it sits in the bottle. A two-week-old bottle will taste a lot different than a six-month-old bottle. Unfiltered beer actually keeps longer than filtered. I've had beer that had been bottled an entire year that turned out delicious. My advice would be if it doesn't taste that great after you crack one open after bottle conditioning, give it more time. Bottle conditioning fixes a lot more mistakes than you'd think.
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Jul 25, 2011