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George John not playing for us would be rough. Any word on whether or not Paul Ringo will play for us?
You mad bro?
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2011 on Report: Egypt selects Bradley at Soccer By Ives
The ratings have never made a lot of sense. Consider it to be a rough guide. Or, if it's close enough to the last World Cup, use the final standings for your rankings.There's also the ELO Ratings, but I've never found those to be so great either.
You should write dialogue for sitcoms. I'm serious---that's mad funny.
Aren't a lot of Argentines of Italian descent? Maybe they are emulating their European cousins by being slow starters in tournament play.
Was my post erased? I wrote in response to Seriously? with a link to a Grant Wahl article he made reference to. Is that not allowed?
I read on Wikipedia that he is donating his brain to science after death to help medicine better understand if concussions cause permanent harm the the brain. If that's true I'm even more impressed with Twellman, who was already in my mind a first-class professional.
They have a lot to be desperate about---they have tons of problems. That group of players won't ever be overachievers.
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Sep 2, 2010