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I just picked off four little tomatoes like that! I don't think I'm really going to get a prolific tomato harvest this year--I've been sort of neglecting them and relying on the fact that they grow like weeds. But the tomatoes that have grown have been cute little ones!
This is a touching sentiment. I keep turning the line, "When you plant bulbs in the fall, it's because you plan to be around in the spring to see the flowers," over and over in my head--so simply and beautifully stated. Thanks for sharing, Dawn!
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2012 on What makes a house a home? at Idle Hands
Oh, that seedling container is making me want to grow!!
Based on your recommendation, I made this cake for my stepbrother's birthday two years ago--it was a huge hit!
So cute!!
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2012 on Ray of sunshine dress at Idle Hands
What a great idea for hanging frames--sooooooo much smarter than my impatient tack, which is to bang a big nail in the wall and then feel tinges of regret when I later decide to move the frame...
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on This Is Your Life gallery photo wall at Idle Hands
I love this--very cute!
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on Charm square pot holder at Idle Hands
Nick. Hilarious.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on 8.5 stitches per inch at Idle Hands
This is quite adorable even without a hood... maybe that can be a 'springtime' modification on a future version!
How did you use the knit clips?
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2011 on Flo the Elephant at Idle Hands
That is absolutely beautiful!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2011 on Home: A Portrait in Needle and Thread at Idle Hands
How rad! After the class maybe you can post some of your suggestions--I would love to see more beautiful wrappings. Also... your mom is wow! What a nice tradition for her to have started with your family.
Awedeous! Brilliant! Also, that's how I was describing--sans awesome new coined term--the midcentury shelves I kind of want for my living room. The shelves, however, are also hideously expensive, so those won't be happening. Sadly!
Great color combo, and I'm really impressed with the shape of the hate, too--it seems like the perfect balance between structure and slouchiness.
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2011 on Radio frequency hat at Idle Hands
His yarn is delicious. And I'm intrigued by the made in the USA status of it all--I'm going to have to check it out, thanks for sharing!
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2011 on Shelter in progress at Idle Hands
As my first spring with my very own NYC backyard comes along, I'm struck by how little I know about cold weather gardening. In my last backyard, I had tons of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, grapes (!), but the amount of know-how growing that took was how to weed/dig a hole/water/keep the pesky birds away from the darn grapes. I've always ignored the info on plant care about "plant [something having to do with] the last frost," as there was never really frost. Now I'm at a loss. So in other words, thanks for the reminder that if I want to have a happy backyard full of happy summer plants, I have to start thinking/learning about it now.
I can't wait to add to my collection of cowls!
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2011 on Blustery Day Cowl at Idle Hands
This just went to the top of my netflix queue. (Aside: a welcome change of pace, because the top of my DVD queue is a little to weighty right now--Sophie's Choice followed by Seven Samurai followed by The Deer Hunter--and it's taking me forever to get through.)
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2011 on Knitflix: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg at Idle Hands
What a great hat. Can't wait to see pictures of it once you get it on the needles.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2011 on "You looked cold" gift cards at Idle Hands
What a cute cowl!!!!!! I can't wait to see the pattern... though I'm starting to worry about the number of cowls I've been knitting up. So easy, so practical, so fun! Things I love: your ravelry wrap ups, your various needle work--the embellished quilts, the embroidered quotations, the crewel work. Needle work makes me so happy and inspired!!
Those crisscross stitches look great for showing off the multitude of colors found in that natural yarn--simple enough to let the yarn shine through, but complex enough to keep you interested. In the photos you can see emerald, olive, kelly, pine... more greens that I can think of names for! Great choice yarn-pattern choice!
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2011 on Work in progress: Boscage cowl at Idle Hands
Fun inspiration! I've been wearing an ancient knit ski beanie(you could call it "vintage"--I saw a near identical one at the Brooklyn Flea a few weeks ago, though mine is from the Morris household, circa mid-80s) for the past couple of of years, and I've been itching for something new. Now to mischeviously tap my fingers together as I decide what to cast on...
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2011 on Ravelry roundup: Puff hats at Idle Hands
Tate's blanket looks so wonderfully touchable--it's a shame I can only see the pictures (though what great pictures they are)!
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2010 on Tate's Blanket at Idle Hands
I can't believe that this was your first crochet project ever. Mine was a plain double crochet scarf, which, I realized after the fact, I actually did in half double crochet (and was bored to death by). Next up was a square blanket, this time in a stitch that followed the pattern, but turned out more trapezoidal than square in form. I am amazed by your skill!
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2010 on Irish Lace Scarf at Idle Hands
It looks amazing! You did such a great job!!
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2010 on Toolbox: Before and after at Idle Hands