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They're at it again! The Rascal 'rabble-rousing' Flatts! No, but seriously, they're confused as to why they can't be named the 'state group' of Ohio. Hear their argument in the clip below. Continue reading
After hearing this clip, I feel like that will be a headline in 2016. Take a listen. Continue reading
He's a little young for her now, but give him a few years and he'll be ready to tango! His name is Garrett Ryan, and he's in the new super scary, poop-your-pants movie, "Oculus." Hear his remarks about the superstar starting at the 3:50 mark. Continue reading
Remember the book that came out in 2010 about a little boy's near death experience? It's been turned into a movie, and it hits theaters tomorrow. Why am I bringing this up? Because I had a chance to speak with one of the stars, Thomas Haden Church. We wrapped the... Continue reading
From backstage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where Sheryl paid tribute to Linda Ronstadt. This clip will make you giggle. You listened, you laughed, now click this. (after you catch your breath of course) Continue reading
According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, there are three ways to maximize your monetary benefits from one single song. "If you're interested in making a lot of money off songwriting, remember these three tricks: 1) Write a Christmas song. 2) Write a timeless love song. 3) Get your song... Continue reading
The Swon Brothers laughed off rumors about The Voice being fixed. Now, we turn to another former Voice contestant about the secret contracts. Skip to 2:42 mark to hear what Cassadee Pope had to say about all the fuss. Interview also available here if the audio below doesn't work. Continue reading
Garth Brooks made the announcement yesterday, exclusively on my show! Individual tracks go on sale at 10a today! Hear the announcement below (or here if that doesn't work). Continue reading
This isn't new, but I had no idea! According to Jerrod Niemann, George Strait was the first country artist to use auto tune as an effect in a song. Listen to the conversation, and a clip of the song below. Continue reading
Justin Moore has finally addressed the controversy surrounding his new artist nomination at the ACM Awards. At first he jokes around by saying he'd take female vocalist of the year if they'd give it to him, but then he gets serious and ends up making a valid point about the... Continue reading
All month Broadway and his sidekick, Cory, have been counting down the top five hottest bald or balding country stars. Now they're down to #1. Who will it be? Check out the video below to find out. If you'd like to find out the rest you can visit #5, #4,... Continue reading
A couple of weeks back, The New York Daily News posted excerpts from the "secret" contract that NBC has with contestants on The Voice, which suggest that the show could fix the results. The Swon Brothers were once on the show, so we asked them what the contracts really said.... Continue reading
And you thought my dramatic reading of Florida Georgia Line's "This Is How We Roll" was funny! Okay, no you didn't. Check out The Swon Brothers' dramatic reading of Adele Dazeem, I mean, Idina Menzel's "Let It Go." Just for the record, I found Broadway's dramatic reading funny as hell.... Continue reading
My full interview with the trio airs this coming Wednesday at 7:11am eastern. You can listen to my show live by clicking HERE. Here's a teaser...just the tip as they say. Continue reading
Or maybe she's just simply learned her lesson, keep mum about your relationship status. That way the focus of every interview won't be your personal life. Here's rumored boyfriend Scott Eastwood at the premiere of "Sabotage." He's asked about dating towards the end. Continue reading
We are movin' on up the list! Find out numbers 4 & 5 <=== Click the respective numbers to watch! Continue reading
The honor of fifth hottest bald or balding country singer went to Cole Swindell. Time to find out who's next on the list! Continue reading
Welcome to Broadway and Cory's chat about the bald men of country - or more appropriately, the hottest bald men in country music. Cory and Broadway have voted Cole Swindell #5 on their list. Who will be numbers 1-4? You'll have to stay tuned to find out. Continue reading
The new album from Johnny Cash, "Out Among The Stars ," drops on March 25. But could there be another release after that? The answer is YES! Listen to the clip below (or here) for more. Continue reading
My co-host and I THOUGHT Sara Evans' new album cover was wrong. The number 4 in Roman numerals is supposed to be 'IV,' right? Well, technically yes. Listen below (or here) to find out why it's intentionally wrong on most clocks: If you want to see for yourself that many... Continue reading
Everything seems to get its own country version these days. The Selfie song by The Chainsmokers is no different. The original has raked up over 9 million views, so why not? If we must tolerate it, why not countrify it? Continue reading
click the pic for more photos! She sure has come a long way! From yodeling dork (hear her yodel in the video below) to smokin' hot chick! Like a fine wine, Kacey Musgraves gets better with age. Continue reading