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I totally feel you on this. It's been over 2 years since I had a regular D&D group and the occasional game of Settlers doesn't cut that need. I've often thought there needs to be a great way of doing pure P&P games online. It's got to have video chat and the ability to adapt to any P&P game. Other than that, maybe call out "LFG Rogue with a penchant for party theft" just doesn't cut it.
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This is my first time listening to Radio Free Burrito, and I've got to say, Wil has a great radio voice. It's good times, I'll be back again! As for the contest, am I Schrodinger's commenter?
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The Gigi ones have some awesome frosting. I love frosting a bit too much, I think. The thing about Muddy's is I really like the creativity. They're slightly better overall, but man, frosting is hard to turn down.
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Feb 12, 2010