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Bronislaus Janulis
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Not only a bad photo, but one with poor technique. The photographer was too close, thus distorting her features. In the commission discussions, I've no doubt "Mona Lisa" was mentioned; the smile and the glazing technique, though a very 'contemporary" portrait. 8-)
As an artist/photographer/woodworker/carver/gilder, the amount of tools has increased. Many of these tools seldom see any use, due to their specialized nature, but having access to them can make a large difference in any one projects profitability. Efficiency, safety, and the ability to accomplish my intent are why I own many high quality tools; the creativity comes from me. Owning three shades of dry yellow ochre doesn't mean I'll use them all at once, but their subtle variety means they will get used at some point. As to the Piccaso/Wells quotes, as an exercise, fine, but in terms of making a living, no, the materials and methods of any particular medium impose their own limitations, thank you.
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Mike, Thanks for the work you put in; I have empathy, and the inclusion. I'm very honored. Nice that both you and Elizabeth mention Mike Chisholm; I find his work inspiring myself, as well as his blog. Bron
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Dec 11, 2012