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I donated $2. Haven't read the story yet, because I'm busy with school and work. Might read it this weekend, or next. I felt kind of cheap only donating $2, even though you wrote that it was about average. If I enjoy the story, it's probably worth more than $2 to me. On the other hand, I really like some of the SF and Fantasy magazines (especially the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction), and though it may be unlikely to happen in the short term, I'd hate to see a situation develop where the best authors make more money selling stories directly, so the magazines decline and perhaps fold. I suppose I could have taken the option of reading the story first, then donating what I think it's worth, but then I'd have *really* felt cheap. [No offense intended to anyone that paid $2 or less, or read the story before donating. I'm only relating how I felt about my own donation, and not making a value judgement about anyone else's donation.]
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Feb 10, 2011