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@McKinney: But, Doc, why do you see 'how they perform' as an act of campy masculinity? Why do you think they are proving something as opposed to doing something they enjoy? There's no reason it can't be both, though. And it is obviously, to some extent, a performance, given that 111 million people are watching, and the athletes are highly paid; money that they must be aware comes ultimately from their ability to attract viewers. Even if we imagine that the athletes are utterly unaffected by 111 million pairs of eyes, humans are social, and they are in the company of their fellow athletes. If you wouldn't be self-conscious about your self-presentation in the presence of twenty-two enormous men, you may be on the autism spectrum. Perhaps the most obvious symptom of football as a performance are touchdown celebrations. Football players aside, their is the larger matter of "The Superbowl" where everything the football players do is *crafted* into a performance. The players could perform in, say, black and white uniforms, but they don't. Their team uniforms are designed, probably professionally. Various camera angles on the play are coordinated, and one or more are chosen to projected onto the screen. Commentators compete to frame the football players actions in their preferred narrative frame. Music is played, giving an emotional spectrum for game's achievements. Shorter: Of course it's a performance: we're humans.
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Feb 6, 2012