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Your hops all show a IBU rating of 0 on an individual basis, so the total is naturally 0. They show a alpha acid to be non-zero, which I think is the only setting in the ingredient file, so it must be the bittering calculation. Look in the profiles at the tab for hops or bittering, and it should have the selected formula as well as utilization percentages. My guess is you a util% at 0. Although I am not sure how you are going to handle the -.25 gal sparge. Why no full volume boil? I love your label artwork - Maybe you want to make a nice one for my "Mr. Potatohead sweet potato ale" that I bottle tomorrow, and will be ready for turkey day. PS - Are you sharing recipes on the beersmith cloud. I have just started looking there and will be putting some up there shortly.
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I am assuming you did not add top off water after you measured your gravity, and it is just the storytelling that is out of order. But I am wondering why you are adding top off water to an all grain brew. I am having trouble hitting my target volume when I brew, but have been adjusting my sparge as I think my boil off and trub loss are high with this new kettle. I had an old chest freezer in my basement left by the previous owner, and put a 2 stage temp controller on it. You may want to consider one of them as I see old chest freezers of Craigslist for like $50, then you no longer have a temp related seasonal brew issue, and can consider doing a lager. I just did a saison as the first use of the temp controller and my first saison. I took the fermentation from 65 starting up to 80 where it is now, and smells great. Will bottle it after I return from BARGE next week, which you should consider coming back to play some poker at BARGE.
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Jul 25, 2012