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Bruce Chapman
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It's all very well to talk about USB 3 being blazing fast, but on my machine (Dell XPS ultrabook) it's completely unreliable. I would type more but I'm trying to get it finished before I get the da-dum, dum-da, da-dum symphony followed by a blue screen, a reboot and a 'that port no longer exists' refusal by the computer to acknowledge the blue slot in the side. Seriously, the USB driver support is patchy, buggy, rubbish, slow, unstable - insert your 'beta product' terminology in here. Just try searching for 'USB 3' and see if the top results are talking about how good it is, or how unstable it makes machines.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2012 on A SSD in Your Pocket at Coding Horror
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Nov 15, 2012