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The piece has made a confusing statement: "The Volt is both an electric car and a plug-in hybrid in that it can run on both electricity (about 40 miles) and gas." Clearly the writers are not familiar with the technology or terminology. It's better to not leave anyone confused, and state what it really is. It's not a purist thing, its a journalistic thing (say what it is). The GM Chevy Volt or GM-Europe manufactured counter-part, the Vauxhall Ampera, are not Electric Vehicles (EV - if it burns fuel, it is not an Electric car). They are plug-in-hybrids (pih). For those anal-retentive techie types, the pih drive-train design can be more precisely described as a 'plug-in series hybrid'. But calling it a pih, and not incorrectly calling it an EV, will be fine for most people. Saying it is both an EV and pih is weirdly incorrect. pih can drive in electric mode (run off the batteries only, without the internal combustion engine - aka ice). But running in electric mode does not make it an EV. Originally GM said their pih got 50 miles in electric mode. Later after the media call them on the rug about inflated specs, they down-graded to a 40 mile electric only range. Consumer reports found at highway speeds (65mph), the pih gets about 30 electric only range. Just like an ice, city driving will be less mpg/range. ... There is a whole lot of confusion being spewed by the media about the new vehicle drive-train technologies. It is no wonder the public is left in a constant state of confusion. The public is not dumb, and it is just not that hard to grasp, ... if the media would just tell it straight. {}
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Dec 25, 2011