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Jeff, I think your example of the Dev Boot Camp is a poor choice. When I read the article, I get that the point of the boot camp was not to quickly create programmers from non-programmers, but rather it was a class to teach Ruby on Rails. I would not expect anyone leaving that class to be able to code a network stack in C, for example. To me, the point of these classes is really to teach a new tool to developers. Going to a job interview armed with the knowledge that you've attended this course and can actually apply Ruby "in the wild" is great. Part of the problem here lies with companies who are looking for a very specific set of skills for developers and won't even consider programmers who do not have that skill (but could quickly learn it). A great example of this is the .NET movement from a few years ago. I, for example, have over 20 years of programming experience in C, C++, using the MFC framework, HTML, etc. Companies wanting .NET skills wouldn't talk to me because I didn't have years of .NET experience. For folks with CS degrees, this mentality is extremely insulting. We spent years learning how to apply knowledge with ANY toolset (Ruby, JavaScript, phooey - it doesn't matter!). And telling someone with that background that they're incapable because they don't have a specific skill is nonsense.
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While this was certainly true in the early days of StackOverflow, what I've found recently is that taking care and time to craft a well worded response actually has a tax associated with it. And, that tax is not being the first to answer the question. This usually causes "that's a duplicate answer" type finger pointing and can be harmful to your reputation. So, while I agree that initiallly what Jeff is saying was true, these days it's more like a game show. The first to hit the "buzzer" wins.
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Feb 6, 2011