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Bryan Black
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No GOP candidate can win without Ron Paul Supporters! PERIOD! Mitt said he would have 'Signed 2012 NDAA' as president. He just lost all Ron Paul Supporters. The second the GOP rejects Paul by not electing him as their nominee, the Libertarian Party will put in on the ballet in all 50 states. Dr. Paul doesn't even have to run as a 3rd party. He will be written in and we will vote Ron Paul! It's you choice GOP. Ron Paul or Obama!
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Ron Paul will pull the majority on Independents and Blue Republicans (Democrats) which typically not represented in these polls. Additionally, the demographic that Ron Paul owns (18 - 35) typically do not have land lines and are not represented either. So, the fact that Dr. Paul is doing this well without these to key demographics means one thing. LANDSLIDE VICTORY FOR RON PAUL IN IOWA! America is waking up! Freedom lives and so will our Republic!
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2011 on Paul closes in on Gingrich at Public Policy Polling
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Dec 13, 2011