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AMEN! I know this post is really old but it's still really relevant. We also had an issue with duplicate data that turned out to be people double-clicking on submit buttons. My two thoughts: - All browsers should disable double-clicking on form submit buttons; it should be treated as a single-click. If someone really wants users to be able to submit a form twice quickly, someone can invent a new CSS style or something to enable that. - Would Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, and everybody else please make single-click do the "default" action everywhere, for example open up the application or document if you're clicking an icon on the desktop? Then users will stop learning that they "need" to double-click to get things to happen. If someone really needs the ability to select an icon on the desktop but not open it, provide some other way to do that.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2011 on Double-Click Must Die at Coding Horror
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Mar 18, 2011