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I am a fan of the players that give their all everyday despite the money grabbing management, but this is a business that entertain us and those are the rules. if you stop watching and attending the games they will get the message like any other business. I knew that rodriguez would end up managing because no one else that wants to make a name for themselves as manager would take the job of lame duck team untill the stadium opens and they really have to pump fans into the seats. uggla is gone and watch how fast Mike stantton gets traded for a 3rd rate catcher or pitcher. So don't complain is up to us a couple of months of empty seats a no TV audience and they change, I would probably be there everyday one way or another because I like and respect the guys that go out every day give it their all, well except for one that ends up beign the best paid. what does that tell you?
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Nov 10, 2010