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Coglin will be perfect in center field and we need a glove at third base for a change. With Dominguez hitting eight could be as refreshing as Alex was before they changed his style for average.So let him hit and see what happens its got to be better than errors ask the pitchers.
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Nunez is the future,he is young and he has unlimited talent he just needs to learn to use what he has.Hensley is a pitcher who will help the young ones learn.All the genus analist say our young fielders need a vetran presence to guide them.Well the bullpen needs a guy like Hensley to help them learn and mature.We have a good bullpen they just need to jell
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If you want a oc how about Steve Walsh.He knows the pro set as good as anyone.He's in south fla.and he's as smart as anyone who is out there.And he's a cane.He's knowledgeable of the talent at the U and in south fla. area.If anybody has a better idea speak out.
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Dec 20, 2010