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arly, You saying there was there pressure in Oakland? Lol.
I'm fine with this, I mean, why not?
Solid move by KC. Good to see a small market club win out over some others.
@Recruiter Alderson is starting the season in AA I think, we have Brad Lincoln who should be coming up from AAA around June 1, I would think thats when they send Aldy to AAA.
This would be a very nice move for us... I'm a big fan of this cat regardless, so it would be nice to see em in black and gold.
4000 Happy Meals and Brandon Moss for Fielder?
Well said Max, this one looked like a win for the Buccos when it went down, and now it most definitely is.
Is St. Louie in on Sano now?
Nyjer trade was not brilliant my man, it looks great now, but there's no way Nyjer keeps it goin at this pace. And I'm still confident Milledge is gonna be a star. This seems like a good move though, keepin Rizzo. Cheers to the Natty Lites.
Couldn't of said it better myself Pat. Bright days ahead.
Bucs also got infielder Josh Harrison in that pitcher swap with the Cubbies.
Bleacher, If that exact situation happened I'd have to agree with ya.
No Dick, You're a San Fran fan? You've been tryin to defend the Freddy trade all day. Then all the sudden you want to talk about the Mariner trade. I'm saying, even if we got absolutely nothing for Jack and Snelly (which wasn't the case at all), we STILL ROBBED SAN FRAN.
Hey Dick, We won the Mariners deal hands down. But even if we didn't. Like say we literally gave them Wilson and Snell for nothing. YOU STILL GOT ROBBED.
" Rob Neyer says in reference to Dave Cameron calling this an easy win for the Pirates: "Time will tell... I can't agree that the Pirates are the easy winners here." Yes, clearly he agrees with you that the Pirates "got bent over". LOL! ...what was that you said? Ahh yes..."learn to read, child" Posted by: ToddSm66 | July 29, 2009 at 09:37 PM" CLEARLY.
Bleacher bum, No.
See, I've been upset at some horrible moves my team made in the past, but I ACCEPTED it, I didn't lurk around, googling till I found the first geek for ESPN that made me feel a little better. I mean, you got your fellow San Francisco Gaybo fans in here admitting how bad of a trade this was. You have people coming in that don't care about the Bucs or Giants saying how bad it was. You have blog after blog and tweet after tweet telling how bad it was. I mean, c'mon Dick.
Hey Dick Cordrey, You're still in here? Still trying to knock the team that just robbed you blind? C'mon, press that red X and move on already huh? Signed, The Team That Just Ate Your Food, and Had A Starbucks On The Side.
Can't wait to see these "G-Men" (LOL) fall flat on their faces... no shot at making a run, Garko & Freddy? Really? Thanks for the gift, and as far as the sweep today... who cares? You got robbed!
Neal's on fire! 2 VERY nice moves in 1 day! Thanks San Fran *Evil Laugh*
Boy, doesnt take much to get you fellas mad... You Giants fans sure are ANAL!
That 8MM due next year is cute too.