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Christopher Buchholz
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here is an excellent article on how gay christians feel (and other gay people) felt on the support chick-fil-a day:
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I think I didn't really understand a lot of it until I saw an episode of Borgia* I finally understood the whole Capulet and Montague thing, as a kid, the idea of feuds where families killed each other did not really make much sense. *(not The Borgias, but the European show which had even more nudity and violence but was just horrible)
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My fiance really enjoys Game of Thrones. She hates all the SciFi stuff and usually makes fun of it.
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I was so excited they played it. I thought the *new* episode was this week, and I ran to Blockbuster to try to find last year's episode and they don't even have a single dvd of BBT! (and CBS doesn't put them online and Comcast doens't have old ones). So now I have it recorded and locked from deletion on my dvr and going to make my girlfriend watch it before we watch the new episode :) Now I can't wait.
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It's funny I was playing COD Modern Warfare 2 and some of the savepoints are right next to a guy with a gun, I would load and get immediately blasted. It would happen if I moved forward a little too far and triggered the savepoint before killing the bad guy, then later died and when I spawned - Blammo!. That happened a few times,
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Jan 27, 2010