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Jeff, passive DVI to Displayport adapters will not work with Eyefinity. The reason is that the video card, as far as I understand it, has only two timer units to power two DVI/hdmi outputs, respectively. The DisplayPort gets processed in the DisplayPort capable monitor (or in an active adapter through a powered converter unit that translates the DisplayPort data stream back into a timed DVI signal). Of course, I only learned and researched this after buying a passive adapter and noticing it didn't work. So this is here telling people to save those 20 bucks and go for the active adapter or a real DisplayPort capable monitor instead. Personally, I then proceeded to buy a Lenovo L2440x monitor as my new "center piece", and have been happy using three screens ever since. Btw. - while Eyefinity requires all screens to have the same resolution when you "span" the screen over all three displays (instead of using them as three individual displays as usual), playing Dragon Age: Origins at 4800x1200 totally rocks. Runs reasonably fast on a 5770, too, so for the financially conscious, you get fair enough 3D speed even across three screens at $150 here.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Three Monitors For Every User at Coding Horror
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Apr 5, 2010