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Juan Buhler
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Darn. Here I was, about to order a Pentax K3, when I see that photo of the Olympus next to a black Pentax MX, my favorite SLR of all times. I have lots of Pentax lenses, but now I'm thinking about the OM-D. Or if I'm going m43, should I get a GX7? Too many options! If all we had to buy were, say, Smenas, I would be outside shooting already.
I had no idea what photo of mine you were talking about. I'm still not sure... Perhaps this one? Lots of weird juxtapositions in my photos, but this one is the one that both was accidental (the guy moved in front of the camera in a way I hadn't anticipated) and kind of matches your description.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2013 on Happy Accidents at The Online Photographer
You can say similar things about other makers as well. Look what happened to the VW transporter: (not my photo) In 1992, the Transporter lost the rear engine, the forward control layout, and its soul. You can guess which one I am driving down to South America:
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Feb 24, 2013