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Seth Burr
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Those of you that want a smaller truck can go ahead and get it. I own the 2005 Nissan Frontier LE V6 and I just love, I had a 1999 Toyota Tacoma, love it except it was too tight inside for me and it would not carry the payload I can carry now. I don't load it often but it is there when I need it. I am not in the market for some little four cylinder that is cheap and I can't pass or climb a hill without downshifting or a auto that is stressing to downshift, not for me. I love the size of this truck lost of room without having the big, tall full size truck, and I will stay with it's size, oh, by the way I'm 209 lbs and 5'11" tall so not super big. I want some of the good technologies put in this truck like the others put into the big truck, most I talk to would like more also in this truck, they don't buy them because they as cheap, this is 2011 we want more in out truck, the truck is a daily driver for me and a lot of others, we need to be able more creature comforts
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Jan 21, 2011