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Hey Wil I'm a long time lurker from the old days (wwdn & just before ST:TNG) ( & NO, I'm NOT a Wesley hater, I just really enjoy your writing (except poker, not into that stuff), I'm a Geordi LaForge, & Data Fan, I follow you on twitter, as for FB, I hate it to a degree & just use it for very close friends & family & very little else.. I've been in Livejournal hell for a little over 9 years (01/18/2003-present) before that it was a crappy little site that was so frustrating to use that I hated writing in my old journal, that site I used was BEFORE LJ went public, as I had an invite sent to me by a close friend who has since died.. I have since last December had an iMac, but cant find a decent wysiwyg app for it thats free or really cheap, ( I'm very poor & also legally blind, so fancy flash based stuff pisses me off) When I was using a windows machine, I used a nifty little application called SEMAGIC, loved it, except when it crashed, which luckily for me was pretty rare.. I hate going ON the website to do my blogging, I just want a application that can sit in my dock, & just be used when needed & is simple to use, has basic functionality & isnt a pain in the a** to use & is simple enough that voiceover can use it.. (( btw, Brent cracks me up, that guy has awesome humor! & I follow LeVar on Twitter) Peace Live Long & Prosper Em Green btw, I'm buschic on Twitter & FB.
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Sep 7, 2012