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David Bush
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Yeah, I saw that on someone's sig on BGG as well, and cannot remember whose. Following the principle of maximum laziness, I asked other Geeks to tell me. The T shirt is definitely cool. But I would just like to diffidently mention that rules lawyers need love too. They also serve who only stand and say NO. I never got into RPG or D&D, but I recall a conversation I vaguely overheard where one guy was bragging how well his character was doing, a combination thief and monk. Apparently he was using the best of both dichotomous types. I recall the looks he was getting from other participants. It seemed this guy was more or less imposing his will on the game, and some other players may have wished for a DM to tell him no, you may not do that. But that might not be what you mean by rules lawyer anyway.
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Jun 26, 2010