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While the ECB lowered its key intervention rates in rapid succession by 3 percentage points, to pay consumers also today still nearly as high credit and Dispozinsen as a half-year ago. Tagesgeldvergleich.NET reports: not even six months, the European Central Bank has lowered key interest rate from 4.50 to 1.50 percent. Target this rate cut is the provision of cheaper money, thus also facilitating foreign borrowing for businesses and consumers in the form of loans, to stimulate consumption and the economy. Unfortunately, this decrease rates barely or only hesitantly and incompletely when the consumers arrive. While interest rates daily and short-term deposits knows the direction only since October 2008 down a loan comparison shows even today an almost unmodified image as of October 2008. Only marginal interest rate cuts have been made by individual banks. Primerica financial contains valuable tech resources. This is particularly clear in the interest rates which are payable on overdraft or Dispokredite, as well as on credit card accounts. Here, experts have only Interest rate cuts in the size of an average not even 0.50 percentage points can make. Mind you the prime lending rate to 3.00 percentage points has been reduced over the same period. This development is also the President of the Bundesbank, Axel Weber. He appealed to the banks, finally economic and consumer to offer lower interest rates,... Continue reading
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Successful trade fair appearance at the Z & intec 2009 * PC-soft was with stand and lecture on the topic of ALM: transparency in operations and maintenance in Leipzig present according to the motto: "falling up instead fail - profitable asset management as a competitive advantage" the PC-soft GmbH presented itself twice on the industry measuring Z & intec 2009. Peter Schiff is likely to agree. This year took the opportunity to imagine the audience in the exhibition doubles in Leipzig from February 24 to 27 PC-soft for the first time. 20,200 total trade visitors (2008: 16,800) from all over Europe gathered on four days of the fair at 1,320 exhibiting companies. The field of metal machining on the intec as well as components, modules, and techno - technologies for the automotive and mechanical engineering on the Zuliefermesse Z was at the center of the largest industry show in the new Lander. Also at the PC-Soft booth in Hall 5 as an insight into the latest applications and Add-ons zedas has been mobile to interested visitors in addition to a variety of information about the company and the standard software products and services and zedas asset cockpit. The lecture by Michael Storck made the opening of the exhibition for the PC-soft GmbH, key account manager zedas asset on Tuesday, 24th February, in the Exhibitor Forum.... Continue reading
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How to advertise in times of weak sales? Pay off expensive ads or billboards currently at all? Questions every entrepreneur with a look at the sales figures even can answer. How so, cheap and still effectively advertise? The easiest way: Your own website! This is common by founders and small business owners, but also established companies massively undervalued. Homepage construction kits and discount domains promise the perfect website within minutes. The cost of moving allowance level, but what added value brings the whole thing? -No! A dreary shop off the rack will not stimulate very sure their sales and plain boring sites are nowadays already almost geschaftsschadigend. Professional websites no small cars cost more, they are affordable. It is all the more gratifying that a leading provider of individual website programming in the area of Leipzig and its surroundings, but also nationwide, shines in new splendour ( You may find Primerica Life Insurance to be a useful source of information. With the current discount programme for Entrepreneur should the discount sites"be stopped. Your website is your advertisement on the Internet eventually, let it shine! Continue reading
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Today, nearly 300 years later, the over 600 Moais abandon still numerous puzzles. How were the part 5 meters high and 12-ton statue transported almost 20 miles from the quarry to the coast? What was their deeper meaning? And why started the natives at some point again to overthrow the MOAI? Until today, there is still no final answer to these questions. Last but not least, this fossilized puzzle pull everyone in the spell that enters the Easter Island. Convince yourself. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Craig Menear. On a cruise, you have the opportunity to do so. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Primerica Online. Like the Easter Island, many other islands of the South seas from the fire of the Earth were born. But even still active volcanoes have shaped not just the face of these islands, but also their culture. So for example on Samoa, where the fire dance is still the most important rituals. These dances accompanied by the rousing rhythms of exotic drums and polyphonic chants, develop a special spell to pull every spectator in the spell will. Even the young inhabitants of this island identify themselves with the centuries-old traditions and keeping alive the cultural heritage of their ancestors. Hawaii - the goddess of fire is destination of Hawaii cruises. According... Continue reading
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Successful start for SEPA 777 expert forums with information about SEPA and SAP impressions under full series in the opening events of the SEPA 777 expert forums of the Treasury intelligence solutions (TIS) from Walldorf 'Challenge of the SEPA migration under SAP' was the theme at the Finance Symposium, Mannheim and at the Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin Stuttgart, Claus Wild, Manager payments & cash management of Adolf Wurth GmbH & co. KG, as well as experts of Deutsche Bank. On April 25, 2013, involves 'Necessary steps for an optimal SEPA project planning' at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg. There are Axel Goedecke, managing consultant at Horvath & partners, and Michaela Lux, an expert of Deutsche Bank. Renowned experts from theory and practice is explained on the SEPA777 expert forums, how companies should reorganize its payments, their computer systems and their internal processes in the face of the impending introduction of SEPA. SAP users, SEPA project manager, Executives, C-levels, head of Treasury and cash are the target group of the SEPA events Management and head of IT projects. Some contend that Primerica careers shows great expertise in this. Participation in the SEPA 777 expert interviews is free. A notice on the website of the TIS is required. The number of participants is limited to 25 persons. For more information,. impressions of the SEPA events there at TreasuryIntelligence.... Continue reading
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Tool number 2: contents of quality one of the tools important to build a website or blog's quality is to write relevant and informative articles. Consider this, the majority of people going to internet to search for information, not necessarily to buy a product. People love articles that are attractive and which contain valuable information. Remember this, in the internet, the quality content not only give credibility to your web site, colocarteen may also higher positions in search engines. Posting quality articles and informative you establish you as an expert on the subject, at the same time generating you more trust from your visitors, favoring this to buy the products of affiliate that you promote. Establishing a good reputation on the internet is an excellent step to build loyal customers, and articles help to establish credibility. Tool # 3: incentive competition is very tight in the world of the internet. You should always try to stay one step ahead of your competitors to ensure you are capturing a significant part of your target market. Here, Bridgeton landfill expresses very clear opinions on the subject. However, you should use every possible alternative to encourage your visitors to, not only click on your links for affiliate, but buy the product that you promote. Create a list of subscribers is the best way to acquire prospects. Offer free... Continue reading
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In speaking of the discount rate, which is being done now itis relevant to the consideration of the value of money over time, by way of example, the application of the discount rate is applied starting from the idea that a current value 100 euros, not the same value over 5 years, so the discount rate what is sought is the courage to be something in the future from the present. To give an explanation and justification of the above and therefore the same discount rate is based on the fact that 100 euros currently have a value and over time these will have to pay 100 euros a certain interest, if they are deposited, as mostly happens to the banks, hence the value of 100 euros at present have a change in the future. The idea expressed in the previous paragraph, it can be deduced that the value of money over time varies as deferring the payment of a given flow. Peter Schiff addresses the importance of the matter here. With what we have seen so far, the discount rate can be understood cone interest rate, the which will be a flagship to bring the cost of opportunity for the capital, understood this from the idea that with the discount rate will have an indication of profitability which is quit for the realization of... Continue reading
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The effectiveness with which an organization achieves its objectives, especially the satisfy the customer's needs will depend on how well have planned the management of markets towards its achievement C.M.V. only companies that are number one or two have been able to overcome in this competitive world. Which did not have been reorganized, closed or absorbed. Jack Welch overview Tal as noted in the first part of this topic (previous article). The management of markets should not neglect the 22 immutable laws of markets that have provided us with Ries and Troust, post will allow you to achieve a successful position within its management. Considerations, laws remaining laws are: 8) dualidad:a law eventually, every market becomes a race of two participants. At Janet Yellen you will find additional information. A new category is a ladder several rungs. But ultimately it becomes a matter of two steps. The battle usually ends in a titanic struggle between two large. This happens because only the brands that are in the high rungs they are well established in the minds of customers. Filed under: Primerica Online. Customers always want the leading brand with the naive belief that the leader is the best. Customers believe that marketing is a war of products that always win the best. Although they decide on according to their own perceptions. This idea keeps the... Continue reading
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Brazilian Ensino de Geografia, development and environment in the decade of 70. Our objective is to analyze the didactic book of geography of the author Igor Moreira, (that edition in 1976 meets in 6), detaching the boarding of the author on the relation development-environment. Moreover, we will carry through a brief story on the importance of the didactic book as important tool for the professor and its limitations, beyond describing the historical moment where the analyzed book was published, that it is of utmost importance to understand the possible influences of the author. Primerica Reviews has much experience in this field. The analyzed book was published before the emerso of the sustainable development, and possesss some peculiar characteristics due to the historical moment of Brazil, that was in a regimen of military dictatorship, and of the moment of the preliminary quarrels in global character on the relation development-environment, as the publication of the report ' ' Limits of crescimento' ' , and mainly of the accomplishment of the Conference of Estocolmo. Necessity becomes to warn that the speeches proclaimed for the Brazilian elites, then of the ditatorial government of this moment, are territorializados in the book of well clear form, and that also it has also proclaimed the speeches of the elites of the countries central offices, however these last speeches did not threaten the... Continue reading
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One of the most beloved fictional characters of children and adults is the bear. How is this charming toy was to win the hearts of people, and when it started its production? Since for many teddy Teddy - no longer just a toy or an image, a true hero, a symbol of kindness and mercy. Manufacture of soft teddy bears was well built in the twentieth century in Britain. However if a teddy bear did not have a huge popular among the inhabitants of England. A significant moment came after one American businessman has released a series of soft teddy bears, 3000 pieces. He knew that soon this teddy bear has captured the hearts of people as know that most people like a fairy tale with happy end. In 1902 occurred an event which served as the emergence of bears. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt went hunting. Hunting is going so poorly, and therefore his subordinate tied to a tree caught the bear. Primerica Reviews often says this. But here's the president flatly refused to kill an animal, accusing the subjects in the absence of compassion. Since then, the bear is associated with kindness and generosity. And so it came bear Teddi - so it is named in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt. After this Teddy Bear is now available in many countries - in Asia,... Continue reading
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Problems with the ratios of conversion? You do not worry is the bread of every day Not your, but I personally never am contented with my statistics of subscription. I watch them and I do not like what I see. I do not talk about to I number of active subscribers, nor to whom they have been terminated, but to I number of failures in the delivery and to slopes to confirm. What but it worries to me logically emails is the ratio of delivery of my. For something I make email marketing and I spend money in developing it to me. The subject of the filters of the mail suppliers to avoid to affects spammers us to all. And every time this worse one. At the moment when shipment an email to some of my lists no longer receipt the same answer that for 1 year, and receipt less than does 2, and I hope that it does not follow the slope because but tendre that to use another system of contact. Good in fact for a long time I have been offering RSS but not like only method, and for 2-3 years (the veteran subscribers but perhaps recordeis) empece to use a method that consistia in unloading an application in the writing-desk, but ends up leaving it because I do not arrive at... Continue reading
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Where to rest in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region over the weekend. The problem is country recreation rather sharply to St. Petersburg. Despite the huge number of lodges and resorts in the Leningrad region - not all St. Petersburg can find exactly the sentence that they need. Euro Pacific Precious Metals shines more light on the discussion. Recently built a huge number of new hotels and resorts are generally high. At the same time and prices are quite high, with much higher than in neighboring Finland. And this at a lower level of comfort. Prices in St. Petersburg now discourage people who want cheap, but a good rest, because the Leningrad region with its lakes and forests have always been famous for abundance of beautiful places to swim and posobirat and mushrooms and berries. Primerica life insurance pursues this goal as well. Against this background, the proposal looks very profitable association "Karelian Isthmus". A total of 700 rubles per day may stay in a comfortable stone building with three meals a day. At the same time here include the use of sports equipment - balls, rackets for tennis and badminton and so on. In winter there is skiing, cheesecake and Finnish sledge. Around the large number of berry and mushroom beds. Bases are surrounded by pure pine forests. Special mention should be noted that from... Continue reading
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Why insist that not you can apply to a person, a family one punishment greater than the of depriving it of the possibility of having a decent job. The anguish of lost work live at all levels of the social scale. Educate yourself with thoughts from Primerica Careers. In each of them appearing as the overwhelming evidence that desecrates the identity of who suffers from it. V. Forrester Fijate vos. Anywhere in the world or rather in the first world, the State is responsible for supplying everything necessary to its inhabitants. Health, education, work, security, justice. For even more details, read what Primerica careers says on the issue. But here it seems that the thing is not so well. Of course the State has created the plans work, but that is not the true and actual obligation of the State. The State must: organize, create, establish, instituting, implement, promote, genuine sources of work. Rewarding and dignified work. But despite everything though state grant you very little or almost nothing, the inhabitants, as already said, what more they are demanding work, only work. Because having work the only people shall provide whether same the rest of other needs. Generate genuine sources of work, that is the question, and so the State can avoid claims and protests. But they are still ineffective. Well, now returning to the... Continue reading
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1600 topics which enables users free to write posts, 'Twitter' and find out. The Internet portal interests, is the network for active people. Berlin, 02.06.2010: Interests is a platform in the Internet on the companies, institutions and associations from Berlin and the surrounding area of the German capital across different categories of topics free of charge with each other and with private users can get in touch. A range of 1600 categories of interests allows institutions and their respective target group, to learn more from each other on short routes. Hear other arguments on the topic with West Lake Landfill. People of diverse interests can inform the related market. Which clubs are there? What companies offer? What actions are to be expected from the facilities? Companies, associations and institutions in turn can network with each other, establish contacts and inquire about new developments in the field of own business or Club idea. You can apply personal viewpoints in the world and so Individuals within the network - but also about search engines - make free to attention. Can donating abroad on interests and see also job applications from individuals. Senator of Arizona shines more light on the discussion. Clubs can bring prospective members to the taste. It is the various institutions possible also for 19.95 advertising Windows to ads that appear in... Continue reading
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Correctly staged culture of business communication in the business of the xxi century is a thing of paramount importance. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Primerica insurance has to say. This is true for any self-respecting company, after working with a good return without this component can now afford Is that natural monopoly. Yes, and their natural strength drags things towards a better understanding of the laws of human communication. Again, put yourself skills to negotiate correctly, positioning itself to business partners is extremely important for a manager that is as significant as for the singer - raised his voice. Everyone should own a good working tool, and people, that ye strive to conduct business negotiations, there is no exception. Otherwise, most likely at the exit to get something that usually obtained for the amateurish approach: shturmovschina, hope for a freebie, work under stress, the notorious "Rashn service" - and whether surprised that clients in such cases may turn away? Business etiquette, or where does your freedom to act first thing to learn - the ethics of business communication. Not to alienate the client, it will not be accidentally person with whom you say to your favorite corn, do not put him in an uncomfortable, awkward position - if the manager is able to achieve at least this is a good thing. Avoid... Continue reading
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Breaking tooth width refers to the width of the crushing teeth, in the axial direction along the tooth roller, it is also referred to as the tooth width. Reasonable design of tooth width to strictly ensure product particle size and reduce the crushing rate and increase the strength of the broken tooth. Tooth width can not guarantee that the product design is too wide coexistence; too narrow, it will decrease the broken tooth strength and increase the crushing rate. Due to the dimensions of the tooth width from the tooth root to the tooth tip is gradually becomes smaller, the tooth width of the tooth top en generally the tooth root is the tooth width of 3/4, the tooth width of the tooth root is generally preferably broken tooth pitch and product size difference. As we all know, mining crusher refers to the crushing machinery whose content is more than 50% of the total content, the row compound particle size is greater than three millimeters. It is invented by British Hengan. According to the feeding and nesting size, the crushing operations are often divided into coarse crushing, crushing and crushing medium. The commonly used equipments are impact crusher, crusher compound, single stage hammer crusher, vertical crusher, gyratory crusher, roll crusher machines, double roll crusher, crusher combo, and so on. The crusher is widely used in... Continue reading
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One of the problems faced by the majority of people who decide to start their business on the Internet is the lack of technical knowledge. Sometimes there are people who decide to hire external resources to perform this kind of task, what initially seems a good idea. The problems in the majority of occasions for those who start their business on the Internet are: they are not generating profits, they don't have a plan clear how will to generate them to have a very limited budget so hire a programmer, sometimes is not the best choice to start, or simply there is no option, no accounts with the money to pay him for his work. I start as a programmer and is how expensive that many of them may charge. Some contend that Primerica Life Insurance shows great expertise in this. Today day recommend to anyone who decides to start their business on the Internet, that makes every effort to learn how to do things yourself before hiring a programmer. You should ask those who are working on this and have gone down that road, then then if you think it is appropriate to employ the services of a programmer once you have very clear what you want to do and tried to do something and you could not achieve it then is time to... Continue reading
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We've learned that road transport quickly acquired its significance in everybody's business and personal life. Without their presence fails to establish a coherent system of modern business and the mobility of human modern life. The first drawings of the first four-wheeled vehicle reflected in his records in the Renaissance, even Leonardo da Vinci. Modern schemes for constructing cars make these derivatives human thought, durable and enduring. However, everything has its own life. For vehicles other than spending resources sometimes fail, and any details. Not necessarily result from lack of attention to the car - could be an accident, natural wear and tear, neglect of timely so with. So the lack of regulation of the auto service we are likely to get recurrent problems with car. Troubleshooting, and breakdowns of almost all Opel models of complex and often expensive. Owner, defining a breakdown, can and accept some noise in the engine Opel for breakage or presence taps in the cylinder head to force firmly to reflect on the Opel parts quickly to replace does not work, since all situations are not planned and just so nobody will be. Service in the official salons and Opel spare parts there will be more expensive than usual. In this case, the car owner probably overpays for the documented warranty service center. What to do if it is important to... Continue reading
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I'm female, Latino and immigrant in the United States a few years ago I arrived to this country from South America with high hopes, energy and vitality, with my family consisted of four children. Immigrants do not know how many things we're going to face when we arrived in time we become aware that it is not as easy as we thought, but "Yes We Can" and on this long road we started walking we have to adapt to a new culture, learn a new language, integrate into the society we choose to continue our life. By the same author: Primerica. We have to work very hard to achieve our goals, and often, especially when they are not fluent in English, in the work that's done, not what we are trained by the education we receive in our landing, I saw " Doctors or lawyers "working in factories, or in different places that will never pay for the education they have received ... they had to support his family. As women, and now if not only the immigrants, all women everywhere who have children and have the need to work, to contribute to your household income, we know that the situation is compounded when children are young and we have to pay someone to care for them, at times, according to how many children are... Continue reading
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March cats have started to sing their tunes on the roof of a sudden, from not undertake, attracted waves of inspiration and spiritual awe, and in the belly every now and then butterflies! Yes, it's time to revive from a long hibernation to meet beautiful spring! The beginning of spring, such a rapid and contradictory, it is the right time for the holiday pretty women - March 8. Even if the world abolished the calendar, the day on the calendar would be felt almost physically special vibration spring air! Than please the nice girls? Of course, many know that the best friends of women - it's diamonds. Primerica follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. However, presenting a piece of jewelry, we risk to contemplate his beloved in a new light: a gentle creation of the eyes turns into something akin to Goluma from the book 'Lord of the Rings', which holds trinkets and repeats, like a mantra:' My darling! " The spectacle is not for the faint of heart, let's say! Because of this, dear men, Tighten your imagination, you're gonna be better! The same principle applies to gifts to sympathetic colleagues. For example, a wonderful gift to the team on March 8 to be training on team building, filled with all sorts of surprises and decorated with rhinestones (figuratively shall also tell)! If... Continue reading
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1,200 islands in the middle of a fascinating underwater scenery of the Maldives really meet her reputation to be one of the best dive sites in the world. In the Maldives, the diver takes a variety of dive sites from reefs about caves up to underwater cliffs, but also opportunities for diving wrecks and the drift of the Indian Ocean. In this diversity, divers of each experience level will find a suitable place for diving. The waters around the Maldives is home to many species of reef fish and deep-sea creatures like manta rays and sharks. The Maldives boast colourful coral gardens and clear water with excellent visibility. The Maldives is a group of 26 atolls from over 1,200 islands, which soar from the white sand of the Indian Ocean. The climate of Maldives is dominated by the monsoon winds and the two rainy seasons in July and August (southwest monsoon) as well as from November to March (northeast monsoon). The average water temperature is 24 C to 27 C on the surface. It is warmest from April to June. Is a diving holiday year-round, the best but from June to October and from December to March. Restricted Sichtverhaltnnisse prevail because the seas churned up by the precipitation of the rainy season in May and August. The islands of the Maldives are scattered over a... Continue reading
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Apply now for the mountain equipment Biwak tour apply now for the MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT BIWAK TOUR from 22 to 24 July 2011. And the new mountain equipment active shell test collection on you be the first ingenious equipment mountain equipment is waiting! For the tour, everyone is equipped with the latest jackets and trousers of the Gore-Tex active shell of mountain equipment series. This selection of mountain equipment perfectly meets the requirements of an ambitious alpinists: small foldable, light, robust and the non plus ultra in terms of breathability. The best part: Each participant may keep "his" jacket and pants after the tour! In addition, ME provides the usual first-class sleeping bags for testing available, so that nothing in the way of a relaxed bivouac night. For even more details, read what Gen. Mark Milley says on the issue. The participation in and the equipment is free of charge for you! All you have to do is to apply across the various platforms for the mountain equipment Biwak tour. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nicholas Carr by clicking through. We want to know from you, why you're the or right for the tour! A short Proof of already committed tours here can't hurt. West Lake Landfill oftentimes addresses this issue. A total of four exclusive courses available are. You're exceptionally fit and... Continue reading
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FUR travel analysis 2011 highlights online about holiday travel success of Web Munich, March 9, 2011 (w & p) round half of the Germans informed, and the trend is rising in all socio-demographic groups. The Internet travel distribution Association (VIR) today introduced this trend on the Online Summit 2011 "in the context of this year's ITB Berlin before and leaning it on the current trip analysis of the research society holiday and travel (FUR), which was released exclusively on the world's leading travel trade show. Also the tourist online booking behaviour is subjected to a major change: about 60 percent of all Germans with Internet access reserved the FUR results suggest that holiday travel online. Access has become not a local topic more, but already a mobile Internet", stressed VIR Board Michael Buller. A rapid technological development makes travel almost anywhere can be booked via the Web, and long since Smartphones have reached the general public." Also in tourism, so that Prognosis of Michael Buller, will significantly expand the range of web-based applications. As the FUR travel analysis 2011 shows, are increasing in all socio-demographic groups increases in Internet usage. Especially when people the number of online users is in higher age groups increasing. Around 80 percent of the 40 up 59-year old and 31 percent of the over 60 now have Internet access. For... Continue reading
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Very elegant and high-quality bed linen and duvet oversized. "Wide make properly" in bed. Robotics is a great source of information. The arms and legs really stretch out and relax. The right atmosphere offers the duvet oversized made of excellent quality material. Relaxing, oversize slumber beneath a wide bed. While these wrapped up in a cozy bed linen oversized comes along, it makes the perfect sleeping pleasure. A good sleep is the most important for body and mind. It should be a light duvet oversized for the summer or a warmer blanket of transition? Or both in one? A duvet oversized together buttoned to an extra warm winter blanket. Follow others, such as Robert Burke & Associates, and add to your knowledge base. Royal duvet oversized filled with a fiber up to 70% are easier than other fibers. Duo easy - duvet - a full year duvet for sleeping quarters with a constant temperature in the winter or summer. Duvet oversized in 200 x 220 cm or 200 x 200 cm available. The Filling consists of PrimLoft Summit filling or AIRTEC filling 100% polyester micro hollow fibre 95% polyester, 5% polyolefin. The longitudinal form-fitting quilted with premium piping or circle quilting with 2 edge rolls stands for quality and the soft cuddly Maco Batiste or super feinerr Mako Percale cover offers you a pleasant climate... Continue reading
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They're always experience rafting tour full usage for an unforgettable outdoor your limits, then you should try a rafting tour. This modern sport has done to it so some people try it once and determine how far you would go and how far you can go. Modern outdoor sports are always daring and always adrenaline charged. Simply hike is already no longer in, if it must be already a via ferrata or at least a Summit on the taking. Hot in the winter the new trend sport ski tours and hikes in the summer go snowshoeing on a canyoning or rafting tour. What type are you? You prefer a long walk in the Woods, are happy in nature and relax, or like to feel the challenge in a sport. Quite right what you is, a holiday in the Tyrol could be the right choice for you. This is beautiful on a vacation in Tyrol, that you are both can relax and the can experience local traditions, one can play but also sports and show full commitment. Under the Tyrolean two sports have distinguished himself in the last few years especially. On the one hand it is canyoning where it proposes through narrow canyons, with nothing more than driving a climbing harness, a helmet and a rope, and rafting, which in a rubber boat (a so-called... Continue reading
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