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A very long time ago I bought one of the early Mac models as my first computer. At the time it was great; I got a student discount for it so it was comparable to most of the other computers on the market, and I could get developer tools for it that included that holy grail of microcomputer programming back in the 80's: an integrated debugger! Oh, sure, I liked my Mac, but there weren't many Mac programming jobs available in those days, what with John Sculley running Apple into the ground, so I made my living in the PC world, first on DOS, then in Windows. Eventually, Steve Jobs came back and resurrected Apple from the junk bin of tech history, but while I salute his genius, I now realize something about myself. I am an adult now. I can make my own choices about what I put on my own devices, and what I program, and how I program it. If something gets screwed up, chances are that I screwed it up, and that I can fix it. I don't need the hand holding and the training wheels any more. Remember the famous iconic commercial that introduced the Mac back in 1984? The one with all the faceless, mindless drones staring at the screen? The irony is that Apple is the company that has shackled the consumer in to faceless, mindless conformity, because that was how Steve Jobs liked it. The box was always closed, because Steve could never bear to open it to anyone else. So farewell and rest in peace, Steve. You really did change the world, and I salute your genius and your accomplishments. But I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid.
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Oct 17, 2011