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You can move the cat box, Wil. Just move it a few feet a day until it's in the garage or the basement. If you don't have a garage or a basement, slide it into one of your kids rooms. If they don't like it, tell them to clean the box every day. If you are sure the tree is making you sneeze get it topped by a professional about 5 feet from the ground. It will die and you can have it removed then. If it's on a property line get written consent from your neighbors first, see an attorney or they can get treble damages (talk about heinous!) I have a cat, she craps in the basement. I tried to cut back on expenses by reducing the amount of litter in her box and she repaid me by crapping in the corner of my bedroom, on the basement floor, and in the living room next to my chair, in that order. She now gets a full 3 1/2 inches of litter, scooped and leveled daily. The fresh step crystals are awesome and even though they are more expensive, they work great. Good luck!
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Jul 7, 2011