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um... may i be your dog?
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2010 on good afternoon at WWdN: In Exile
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I did already subscribe to your channel. :-)
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Dear Wil, I played Wesley Crusher almost 2 years on MySpace. I met a lot of people there and many of them had to tell me the old Wesley Crusher jokes. Until I embedded rules on the MySpace profile that I know already all jokes about him and that I don't want to hear the jokes anymore. So I can understand you. Well, I dislike MySpace (especially since version 3.0 / p.s. the MySpace team hates MySpace too since they post their news from Facebook now) and I didn't really like Wesley first, too. It's another thing after I played him for 2 years. Now I love him. Where is the problem? I respect your work as actor. And I believe that every actor was very good. Star Trek TNG is my favourite series and I would love to see you all in a new TNG movie again. I still miss your signatures at the end of a movie (like we could see in Star Trek VI... Kirk & Co). Sorry for possible mistakes, I'm not a native English speaker.
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Thank you! A short and plain text which every German can understand without Google. Lol. Sorry, I was just kidding. I can understand you. I felt really exhausted 1 week ago. I slept for 3 days. Another question: Why do I live in the fucking Germany? I miss the whole TNG crew. I'm a student and so I can't pay the flight at the moment. The flight costs more than 1200 Euro. That's a lot, I didn't want to buy the airplane. Maybe in 2-3 years when I have money again... ;-)
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When do they show it in Germany (again)?
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Jul 21, 2010