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Very nice post... Authenticity is an interesting dimension against which a being or organization can measure itself and fight the perceived evil of complexity. We need vectors along which we can simplify our lives and make decisions. Yet, as the political discourse shows in our United States every day, and, I am sure, in every other country for that matter, it is easy for politicians and marketeers for instance to claim they know what is authentic. Authentic is often what we learn... at home, in school, and what we hear around us every day growing up...
Our world is bound to become more complex, as Teilhard de Chardin rightfuly postulated back in the 1940's. The key to managing complex problems, like the oil spill plaguing us these days, is to "see the forest for the trees", to identify the key agents, the key actuators and the key relationships driving the system.
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May 30, 2010