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I agree wholeheartedly about Markdown. In fact, I created this (currently incomplete) website that advocates using Markdown for, at least, web content: -- I think it does need some leadership and a set of standards that we can hopefully all get along with. An important point about Markdown: I think it should be fully readable in both pre- and post-transform states.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2012 on The Future of Markdown at Coding Horror
Just musing here. The real solution is biometrics. Even that is not a perfect solution, but if we can tie a private key to a user based on their fingerprint (or inserting a chip in their brain?) we would be significantly more secure. You would register with a website with your biological private key, providing them with the public key they need to authorize you. In turn, you get their public key back. The web is simply not anonymous anymore. Websites are forced to send their unique identifier back to users (hey, this is me!) i.e. the cookie in order to keep state. All users have to do is request the cookie and the site trusts them. Due to the lack of anonymity on the web now, I think it is important for websites to verify that they know who they are talking to as well. Instead, the site should be able to verify who they are back and transmit only the public keys. Sniffers can get all of the public keys they like. They will have a much harder time acquiring the private key cached on the users computer (or implanted in their finger).
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2011 on Breaking the Web's Cookie Jar at Coding Horror
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