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how about building these vehicles a little closer to home,say the US or Canada? We could subsidize this with the 60 billion dollars,we are forced to GIVE to Israel this year.
Spend money on Space Travel? The only Space Travel we will be doing shortly is from your leaky roof shack to your outhouse. For that we don't need to go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds,unless you have "Duenschiss"!
Investing in an electric vehicle may be the mostly costly and dumb investment you ever made. Let me give you a clue. To test the water I invested in a couple of electric scooters.One 24V the other 36V.I followed the charging procedure to the T.Always charge after use etc.etc. The range of both vehicles were advertised @ approx.12 to 15 miles.Both units crapped out at around 3 miles. I then checked the date of MFG of the Batts,all were over a year old. The Scooters after a long journey from china were very likely sitting somewhere in a warehouse for the rest of the time.Since they were boxed no one bothered to charge these Batts for months, resulted in major loss of capacity,due to buildup of sulfate. So,out comes over a hundred bucks to replace them. Well,guess what,the new"fresh"Batteries were just as old as the ones in the scooter and had been sitting in some warehouse,just like the originals. Now after less than 2 years the batts are acting up again. Also,nowhere in the owners manual can you find at what stage of discharge(50%,100% ) your batteries are,going the advertised distance. It warns you however not to discharge your batteries more than 50%,if you want any kind of good service out of them. I have had similar,unsatisfactory results with NI-MH AA and AAA Batteries using the proper charger. The absolute worst are the 2500 mah AA Energizers,everyone of them failed. Also,if one of your golfcart batts fails,they recommend NOT to mix a new one with the old,here comes another $800 bill.good luck,y'all.
I see your(the moderator) one track mind does not allow comments that are not within your limited capability to think outside your box. Fortunately the world does not have to depend on you and your crippled mind.
The ONLY thing we,the human race,NEED is a good case of designer bird/swine flu that wipes out 80% of the breeding idiots on this planet!!
More pork barrel,this is simply ridiculous. This amounts to nothing more than fleecing and robbery of the American public,a reward for gross mismanagement and greed.
Hey Martin,don't feel intimidated by some of the retards on this blog,especially zsazsa,he is the tolerated village idiot on here, mostly throwing insults and rehashed garbage.Playing the race card only shows their utter ignorance,which is getting mighty old in view of the mountains of evidence that this cabal you mentioned is 99% responsible for.
Let's face it,for Obama to be an effective leader and benefit our Nation,he'd have to be Hitler. This pussy footing around with the banksters and wall street will destroy what is left of America.