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Cadence Ryanne
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It's sort of a wall of silence on the part of my family and friends. But my hubby is extremely supportive even though he has mild asthma. I'm careful about what I wear and he says that none of my fragrances have triggered an problems. He didn't know about my obsession when we married (lol) but he's put up nicely. I recently found a fantastic storage for my samples which has made him happier since it reduces clutter on our dressers! Check out my blog post about it at!
HAHA! Lucky you! Yes, my son was Harry Potter. He was a huge hit with the girls - which still turns him red in the face! LOL!
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I'd buy one! Saw you at the Guild panel at ECCC. You were great! We (my hubby, son, and I) were sitting by the lucky guy who received your special doodle/drawing! Hilarious! I missed meeting you. We made it to the 3rd floor just as you were ducking out. So we met Jonathan and Brent instead. I have your books on my Amazon wish list and love radio free burrito. But it would be GREAT to have eprint versions on my phone so I could read them ANY old time! Thanks, Wil!
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As a teacher of primarily juniors and seniors in high school, I can honestly say that students are looking for easy ways out - they lack resilience. It's hard for them to see that that problem solving is critical and often messy. A great life won't just land in their laps but they want it and don't know the hard times that they will go through to get there. I had a girl in my class who kept telling me that I was a horrible teacher and didn't know how to teach HER. Everyday I listened or read this very abusive language from her (she made no bones about it - that I was not professional). Finally I said to her, we have colored maps, read books, I have lectured, we made a powerpoint, watched a video. These all take different skills and learning capacities. When are you going to learn? But unfortunately, since I wasn't serving it to her on a platter, she was unwilling to participate in the exchange. My students always ask me what my superpower would be. I always tell them that I wish that I could show them their future based on the decisions that they are making now.
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