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I did mention that having some sort of `our $VERSION; # VERSION ` is an open feature request... (details of that are probably a bit subjective) probably for the reason you mentioned, also the pm not compiling without build may or may not be a problem. Of course I check $VERSION so rarely in code that either way is largely irrelevant.
Commented Jan 14, 2014 on No title at rjbs
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perhaps you misunderstand, I'm saying that I intentionally left out the block, replacing, therefore it would never replace with { ... } if you want it in a block you should put the block around the comment, (of course I suppose I could have considered a patch to optionally add braces). I find the scoping aspect to be outside the responsibility of the thing that injects the version. what if you want to reference $VERSION, in your code as not a package variable (because perl critic, or a real reason)?
Commented Jan 14, 2014 on No title at rjbs
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The bare block missing is a feature, and I think I documented it. if you want the `BEGIN { }` like you did in PkgVersion, you could just do `BEGIN { # VERSION }` (IIRC the BEGIN was originally there I think if it's now just a block that changed since I create OurPkgVersion), this is based around some old conversation where Dist::Zilla broke some toolchain pieces because they checked that a module was loaded successfully if $VERSION was present, but the compile time nature of BEGIN caused some problem. there is also a feature request in for supporting something like `our $VERSION = '0'; # VERSION` and allowing $VERSION to be replaced (I think this is a great idea if someone wants to add it to OurPkgVersion, just tuits). Also bear in mind that `# VERSION: can contain a comment` It just doesn't require one. Not that I mind that it bugs you, just decided to elaborate on reasoning.
Commented Jan 14, 2014 on No title at rjbs
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I'd like to note that I think your sub _ua {...} is a good example of bad design in general, this should be an attribute. sub _ua { $_[0]->{ua} } (and make ua available to change at the constructor, with a default ) so that instead of subclassing away problems you can inject a new user agent as needed. With our next hat trick maybe we can get lexical imports...
Commented Sep 26, 2013 on No title at rjbs
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I agree with @n0body. I stopped contributing because (outside of due to increasing lack of time, and lack of need for a framework in general) I did not find catalyst to be what I needed, and in the one case where my former employer was looking for a framework, I could not sell them on Catalyst. Things you should put in the survey ( which of these features do you want next, vote for 3 of whatever maybe ). You can represent backwards compatibility changes with this. Better routing, Chained just had too many weirdisms (concept isn't bad but it was buggy in a way that only breaking backcompat could fix). Also perhaps centralized routing for new people to get started with. I want Dependency Injection (Bread::Board++) Not as a replacement for config though, that is not how DI should be used (I should probably volunteer for this as according to Stevan I'm one of a handful that understands, but Tuits). I'd start this one by just making Catalyst use it under the hood, worry about making it nice for users later.
after reading on of the first comments I digress that I wish /this/ was italic rather than _this_ but I know that won't come out of **this**
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2012 on The Future of Markdown at Coding Horror
Bigger desktop form factors are generally easier to repair and cool better. IMO one of the problems with laptops was, and is, a lack of good cooling, they get too hot. Laptops are harder to repair, and fail more frequently. Also I find my HTC Evo and incredible pain to use, but this seems to change between vendor's, my samsung was not.
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