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If you want a really good clear-out, try something in the habanero or fatalii family. We just made a fatalii based hot sauce (w/mango, carrot and ginger) last week and just one small taste of it cleared my sinuses right out. I second the suggestion below about a neti pot as well and add to it a recommendation for this stuff called Alkalol. It's been around for like 100 years and is a combo of various plant oils and natural antiseptic ingredients. You mix it 50/50 with warm water and use it in a neti pot to flush the muscus from your sinuses. It can burn like a SOB if your sinuses are super irritated, but it really does a nice job getting everything out of there. Like you, I'm allergic to just about all pollens, so a nice ENT doc suggested this stuff to me about 20 years ago.
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I think the best Carter moment was the girly little scream he lets out while he's struggling his way into the bank window, closely followed by his moment of glee when they tell him that there's been a bank robbery. I also noticed that you seemed more into the character this week. There was far more dimension to him than before. He's still a dick, but you see much more than just the pompous brainy dick there. The nerdiness of excitement over owning a signed Higgs disruptor gave him more humanity. And it seems he's got at least some game with the ladies (at least Holly.) Kudos on working through the pain so well. If you'd never told us what happened, I wouldn't have known that you'd hurt yourself. Despite loving seeing you in the part and the advances in his character development, I'm sorry to say that I'm currently on #teamfargo. Even though Fargo can be dickish too, I have to feel for the little guy and root for him. Come on, he had a thing for Jo and lost her to Zane. Can't the poor little geek finally get a geek girl to love him?
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Aug 3, 2011