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I wouldn't start tuilagi, this partnership seems to work, and has certainly earned the chance to play against the all Blacks.
When did a tackle start to be called a chop tackle? did I miss the memo?
I aim to please
Ha! God I'm a spanner at times. I work with a bloke called Tom Ross.
I don't have to be nice to them at all, and if I thought it was crap, I would say so. I didn't and don't think it's crap.
THat was my fault in transcription. I'll correct it now.
It is very much the way he operates. He's a wind-up merchant. Even when speaking to him briefly boasted about his holiday in Italy he's due to go on. Can't help himself.
SL was moving through the pyramid of England coaching for a few years.. He'd been in charge of the Academy and Saxons and was appointed as a caretaker when Johnson went. His performance as caretaker saw him appointed permanently. So, yes, you are right that he he was a decent coach already in the RFU employ, so did not require the usual headhunting bollocks that comes along with such appointments.
Farrell deserved to be in the GOOD actually. No mardy, shouty meltdowns, kicked out of hand superbly and led the attack and defence with composure.
I see halfpenny and Brown as level pegging to be honest. Hence I didn't include Brown as it would mean ousting Halfpenny, which is a big call. Don't agree at all on Hartley. Think Launchbury or Lawes, but not both.
I don't refuse to rate England highly, but I do refuse to cheer-lead, which is what some people seem to thing the job of a fan is - I disagree. England are doing OK and building a decent side. But they still have a problem scoring tries, something that Wales do not have and you've already made the point about the scrum. Also, Wales have Halfpenny. I base the view that Wales should be more fancied on the fact that they are a better side. Only Farrell, Launchbury and arguably care would get into this Wales team if all are on form. That, plus the fact they'll get up for England, makes me think that Wales should expect to win more than England should. Re: assuming last game will be repeated. I've had a stinker with predictions this year, I'll grant you that, but who hasn't? In fact, if I thought the last game would be repeated I would say England would give away no penalties and scrape a win, I don't think that will happen.
Bookies tell us what idiotic people bet on in droves as is usual with the England national team. Hence England are always fancied before football world cups, contrary to all rational thought, because shedloads of fools put money on them.
I respect that call actually. Picamoles' behaviour was disgraceful and PSA taking shows a level of integrity that you can't argue with. He's still bonkers, obviously. But, I've come to the conclusion that the FFR injec their coaches with something on appointment that renders them marginally insane.
Disagree Re: May. He always ends up over the gain line, just takes a different route to get there so you can't argue with the outcome.
And if he isn't you can refer back to this page and point and laugh..
You don't seem to have watched RL much. he takes the ball at first receiver and smashes it up when he's playing prop, because that's the prop's job. When he plays loose forward (13) then he runs wider, and uses his hands more, that's when he demostrates his step, his pace and more of his craft. The fact is he can do both jobs because of his size combined with his athleticism and skills.
my point was comparing him to SBW when he first came over. He was seen as a risk, no doubt, but one worth taking. So it is for me with Burgess.
To be fair to henry Paul, he was treated pretty badly by England. Andy Robinson picked him to start one test then hauled him off after half an hour. No-one deserves that and it's indicative of how they approached him and no wonder they didn't get best out of him..
England vs NZ in RLWC was one example of when Burgess did all those things. Also, hands ain't just about offloads, Burgess is a better ball in two hands type of player. He also busts more tackles than SBW. But no, I haven't stood next to them in the gym and compared their bench press, but looked at game situations, which are more relevant anyway SBW is a brilliant player, of course, but Sam is simply a little bit better. Which is the point I was trying to make
The direction has appalling, Rich. The Fickou try in particular, when they cut to ground level close up of only him from behind the dead ball line..
You did read the bit where I said he was very effective, yes? Oh, and the bit where the whe thing is meant to be a bit of a joke?
I was specifically talking about knockout stages with the profiteering point. The "could sell it out many times over" argument doesn't wash with me, and is the whole point of the piece, really. Am I supposed to be happy that they're not profiteering to a level that you would call "naked"? They have a choice here, Charge £700 for a ticket or don't, and they have chosen to do so, even though selling it for less would still make them plenty money, especially given that most of the income from this will come from worldwide TV rights and corporate tie-ins. This is an issue about "felt fairness" to fans who would like to take their kids, and even taking them to a QF will cost nearly £400 for the cheapest offering.
Excellent statting, Terry!