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Wow, Admin, this is one to be printed and studied. While I'm thinking of the last question, all the current "procedurals" on tv come to mind. The trend is to give every series cop family or romantic baggage: her sister was murdered when they were kids; his wife and daughter were murdered, the killer still out there; the new boss is her ex; his mother is in a psych ward. As if the writer can't think of another way to give the character gravitas. Maybe readers/viewers need this?
Thanks, Terry. I like the image of Ida Ruth reading one of my Miniature Mysteries. I can sign a copy for her and send it to Small Town, Texas!
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2014 on What My Characters Are Reading. at The LadyKillers
Ann, It looks like a lot when it's listed this way . . . I'll bet if you write everything out, your list will match in length! Also, as you've probably found out, the e-reader makes it so much easier to have many books going at once -- built in bookmarks and places for notes and the ability to carry around as many books as you want! I'm a snatch reader (and writer!), catching bits of time all day, then a couple of hours at night. TMI probably!
Love this post, Priscilla. I'd love to talk Thomism with Brother T -- took 6 years, but I got through a lot of the Summa! Blame those scholarly Arabs for translating Aristotle just in time for the greatest of centuries. Any your parallels with today are nothing but on the mark!
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2014 on What Our Characters Read at The LadyKillers
Nothing in The Hydrogen Murder connected to the Citizen Jane story -- it was simply the book she was reading when the intruder came in and killed her.
Yes, Staci -- the closest I've come to a tv book deal!
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Apr 13, 2010