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There is absolute zero justification for Frank Haith to decline an invitation to ANY postseason tournament. His excuse for the team's failure to perform this season, and it was an excuse, was that we were too young and rebuilding. While there is plenty that can be said about that, and I'll ignore doing so, the best way to improve for next year is to keep playing basketball. More practice time, more game situations, and more chemistry- ESPECIALLY when we will be returning 4/5 of our starting lineup. And let's not act like Frank Haith does not need to work on game coaching. Although I should not be surprised. We quit yesterday against Duke in a 1 possession game by not fouling. It should follow that we quit now on improving as a basketball team.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2010 on NIT passes on Canes at Eye on the U
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Mar 14, 2010